Statement by Incoming CEO on International Women's Day


Invest in Women

As we commemorate the International Women’s Day on this 8th of March 2024, we are reminded of the Ethiopian Proverb which dictates that “Where a woman rules, streams run uphill”. This adage epitomizes our innate and unique ability to not only pursue what may seem impossible, but to turn multiple adversities into endless possibilities. Our determination and resolve to break biases and elevate our presence and contribution to our communities, countries, regions, and our continent, continue to pave a well-cemented path for other women to come and for posterity.

International Women’s Day is a day to remind ourselves of the great accomplishments of our Sisters throughout the ages. We celebrate and honour the sacrifices of the many heroines, known and unknown, who have crafted women’s more favourable placement and agency in today’s global arena. This day further serves as a timely reminder that we still have a long way to go to reach a more gender-conscious, women-inclusive and women-driven turf in the many areas of importance as we together develop our continent. We should never lose sight of our noble role and duty to empower and elevate others.Let us continue to invest in women as a cornerstone of our APRM, and of each and every nation of our African continent, towards a world where being a woman is no longer a vulnerability but a strength.

Today, I salute the hard work, dedication, professionalism and passion of all the Women within the APRM, African Union and indeed the entire global community. It is with great gratitude and humility, as a woman that I wish to express my sincere appreciation to our Heads of State and Government for having entrusted me to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the APRM Continental Secretariat. This clearly demonstrates the unequivocal conviction and determination of the African Union towards the realization of the solemn principles of gender equality and women empowerment.

It is my hope that together we can continue to strive to reach our greatest potentials. As an inclusive and equal opportunity organization, I extend my support to continuously ensure that our APRM Continental Secretariat remains one where Women do not only have a legitimate and merited presence but are heard and valued. Indeed, when we invest in women, progress abounds Generation

Happy International  Women's Day!

Thursday, 08 March 2024

Amb. Marie-Antoinette Rose Quatre
Incoming CEO, APRM Continental Secretariat