Democratic & Political Governance

Democratic & Political Governance

This thematic area ensures that the respective national constitutions reflect the democratic ethos and provide for demonstrably accountable governance, and that political representation is promoted, thus providing for all citizens to participate in the political process in a free and fair political environment.

The aim is to enforce strict adherence to the position of the African Union (AU) on unconstitutional changes of government and other decisions of our continental organization aimed at promoting democracy, good governance, peace and security.

It also aims at establishing and strengthening appropriate electoral administrations and oversight bodies in our respective countries, and providing the necessary resources and capacity to conduct elections that are free, fair and credible.

There are 9 key objectives in this thematic area:

Prevent and reduce intra- and inter-country conflicts Constitutional democracy, including periodic political competition and opportunity for choice, the rule of law, a Bill of Rights and the supremacy of the constitution are firmly established in the constitution. Promote and protect economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights as enshrined in all African and international human rights instruments.

Uphold the separation of powers, including the protection of the independence of the judiciary and of an effective Parliament Ensure accountable, efficient and effective public office holders and civil servants Fight corruption in the political sphere Promote and protect the rights of women Promote and protect the rights of the child and of young persons Promote and protect the rights of vulnerable groups, including displaced persons and refugees.