3rd African Peer Review Mechanism Continental Youth Symposium - Comprehensive Report

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African Peer Review Mechanism

Download PDF: 3rd African Peer Review Mechanism Continental Youth Symposium - Comprehensive Report


The APRM has prioritized youth mainstreaming as a critical element for building prosperous, secure, and self-sustaining African economies. The continent has the youngest population in the world, with over 70% of Africa under the age of 30. The AU’s Agenda 2063 aspiration 6 aims to foster an Africa whose development is people-driven, relying on the potential of African people, especially youth where they are all actively involved in decision-making in all aspects of development, including social, economic, political, and environmental. Therefore, positioning, empowering, and engaging the youth in governance processes is a cornerstone to sustainable development. Since the youth form the backbone of the African population, the continent’s sustainable development hinges on harnessing the demographic dividend. Africa will leverage and harness the economic and social benefits of a young and growing dynamic population only if these new generations are fully empowered to realize their best potential and are engaged in the governance processes.

The 3rd APRM Youth Symposium was hosted by the APRM Continental Secretariat with support of the Government of Uganda, European Union Mission to Uganda, African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, International Organization for Migration, UNICEF, GIZ, and Youth for Tax Justice Network. With participants from AU Member States, the gathering was geared at celebrating the African Union’s 20th Anniversary under the theme: AU@20: Repositioning the Youth Agenda for a transformative continent. The Symposium agenda was tailored to bring together youth and decision-makers for an intergenerational dialogue to upscale youth participation in democracy and good governance.



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