Call For Papers - 12th Edition of the APRM Governance Link Newsletter

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Submission Date: 28 April 2023

Publication Date: 25 May 2023


Invitation for Article Submissions for the 20th Anniversary Edition of the APRM Governance Link Newsletter



The Africa Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Continental Secretariat is excited to announce the call for article submissions for the 12th edition of the Governance Link Newsletter. As an autonomous entity of the African Union (AU), the APRM promotes democracy and good governance in Africa and this year marks it celebrating its 20th anniversary since its inception in 2003. To commemorate this important milestone, the APRM Continental Secretariat invites African citizens and partners, to contribute to the newsletter, which is set to be published on Africa Day, the 25th of May 2023.

The Governance Link Newsletter serves as a platform to share information, trends, and news with member states, internal and external stakeholders on APRM activities and its mandate. As the APRM marks its 20th anniversary, we aim to reflect on our achievements, best practices, challenges, and prospects as Africa's premier governance self-assessment tool.


The African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government declared the 9th of March as the founding day of the APRM, which is celebrated annually by the continent and the AU family. Furthermore, the 20th anniversary of the APRM's establishment will be celebrated throughout the year 2023 with year-long activities and events. As we prepare for this celebration, we invite you to contribute to the newsletter by submitting an article that reflects on the past 20 years of the APRM and its impact on promoting democracy and good governance in Africa.

We welcome submissions on the following topics:

  • The Impact of APRM on Democracy and Good Governance in Africa: Highlighting Best Practices and Achievements in the Last 20 Years.
  • APRM Success Stories: Commendable Practices by Participating States in Addressing Governance Challenges in Africa.
  • The Revitalisation of the APRM
  • Youth Inclusion in APRM Governance and Review Processes: A Key Driver for Sustainable Development in Africa.
  • APRM Universal Accession: full accession to APRM of all AU Member States
  • The APRM Peer Learning Experience: A Reflection on the Benefits of the Country or Targeted Review for Participating Countries.

Guidelines for Contributors

Please double-check that all information is entirely correct before submitting your manuscript.

Length: Contributions should not exceed 1200 words.

Font: Arial, size 12 p, 1.15 spacing. Endnotes in 10 p, and Arial, 1.0 spacing.

File type: contributions must be sent in MS Word

Title: The title of your article should not exceed 10 words

Sub-titles and headlines: must be less than 15 words, indicate these by highlighting in bold

Acronyms: Do not use acronyms without explaining them. Use the following way of presenting acronyms, with the full name first and the acronym within brackets afterwards: e.g. African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)

When you have written the full name of an organisation etc, don’t write the acronym if it does not appear again later in the text.

Numbers: Numbers from one to ten are written with letters, higher numbers (11- ) with numerals. However, if you have numbers both below and above ten in a

passage, choose either letters or numerals. Numbers from 1,000 and higher are written with a comma in the proper position. Years: 2019-20

Tables and charts: All tables and charts must be included in the text/manuscript.

Tables and charts must also be sent separately in a photo file format (PNG or JPEG).

Spelling: Use British English. E. g Verbs like organise and utilise are spelt with -ise

(Amer: - ize). Nouns like organisation and utilisation are spelt with -isa (Amer: -iza)

For a comprehensive guide on British English, please consult:

Language: Articles may be in French or English

Endnotes and References: We expects contributors to use the endnotes system of in-text source citation and the Chicago style. Please refer to the link, for further details.

Miscellaneous: Check the spelling of all names that you use. They should be correctly and consistently spelled.

Contact: At the end of your article supply a brief biography with only the following:

  1. Full name
  2. E-mail address
  3. Area of interest
  4. Current occupation
  5. Links to your LinkedIn profile, personal website, blog, twitter
  6. Portrait Picture of yourself

Kindly send your submissions to:

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