Technical Review Workshop of the Africa Governance Atlas


1 – 3 February 2024, Cape Town, South Africa - The APRM convened a Task Force Meeting constituted from leading governance organizations to plan for the 2025 Africa Governance Atlas in Cape Town, South Africa 1 - 3 February 2024. The technical review and planning workshop led by Dr. McBride Nkhalamba, APRM Ag. Director of Governance and Specialised Reporting brought together experts from key institutions whose mandates focuses on data and analysis with the aim to inform governance and development decision making processes.

The Africa Governance Atlas is an online and cartographic visualisation of relevant statistical data on key governance indicators. It presents an overview in a visually engaging, easily legible, and readily accessible manner. Further, the Atlas aims to enhance government and public access to consolidated key governance statistics and literature to better inform improvements in governance. Through the Atlas, the APRM aims to encourage the consistent generation and dissemination of context-relevant data on governance in Africa.

The Atlas draws on the APRM thematic areas, and reports on parameters derived from Agenda 2063 of the African Union and the Africa Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance. These include indicators on elections, rule of law, the public service, access to information, inclusion, and participation of civil society. 

The 3-day session deliberated on issues regarding the availability of governance data in Africa and how to harness pertinent and up-to-date data from a network of institutions to ensure adequate Continental coverage. Furthermore, proposals for new indicators were put forward to further enhance the usability of the Africa Governance Atlas.

In preparation for the next report, the APRM is ensuring the full participation of Member States and national experts from across the Continent to provide input and increase access to data. The Task Force will continue to steward the process towards the development and publicity of the 2025 Atlas.