Africa Leadership Academy Visit to the APRM


The CEO of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), Prof Eddy Maloka, along with APRM staff responsible for youth mainstreaming, convened a meeting with the leadership and students of the Africa Leadership Academy (ALA) to explore potential areas of collaboration. This meeting was organized in light of the African Union's decision to designate 2024 as the "Year of Education."
Situated on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa, the Africa Leadership Academy is a prestigious educational institution catering to African students aged 16 to 19, with a diverse alumni base representing 46 countries.

In his remarks, Prof Eddy Maloka, CEO of the APRM, commended the Africa Leadership Academy for its visionary mission to transform Africa by cultivating a robust network of young leaders poised to expedite the continent's growth.

The Africa Leadership Academy aspires to effect transformation in Africa by nurturing a potent network of young leaders committed to collectively addressing the continent's most pressing challenges, generating significant social impact, and accelerating Africa's growth trajectory. Additionally, ALA identifies and nurtures African youth who exhibit initiative, envision possibilities, and strive to translate their visions into reality.

During the meeting, Mr. Lennon Monyae, the Youth Coordinator at the APRM Secretariat, conveyed the APRM's readiness to provide technical assistance to the Africa Leadership Academy and expressed the intention to collaborate on various projects throughout the year.

The meeting concluded with ALA students expressing appreciation for the opportunity to visit the APRM Continental Secretariat and interact with APRM Management. They also expressed a wish for the APRM to support a Model AU & APRM initiative, which ALA plans to host in March 2023 in South Africa.