The APRM Secretariat executes its regular missions and achieves its key objectives with the help of its experienced staff and consultants from different African countries, including those from the Diaspora. The Secretariat provides technical, coordinating and administrative support services for the APRM. Its activities are also focused on the preparation and organisation of the Panel Meetings and Summits of the APR Forum; planning and organisation of Country Review Visits; sharing of experience and best practices, and addressing constraints in the implementation of National Programmes of Action, etc.

The Mission of the APRM Continental Secretariat

  • Maintaining an extensive database of information on the four focus areas of the APRM and the political and economic developments in all participating countries
  • Preparing background documents for the APR teams
  • Facilitating technical assistance to participating countries
  • Proposing performance indicators and tracking the performance of each participating country
  • Liaising with participating countries and partner institutions to follow progress of technical assessments
  • Planning and organising Country Review Missions (CRMs)
  • Recommending to the APR Panel on the composition of CRM teams and recruiting the experts required for research and analysis
  • Liaising with interested external partners and supporting participating countries in resource mobilisation for capacity building;
  • Organising regional workshops in the various areas of focus of the APRM, and convening workshops for the sharing of experience and best practice and to address constraints experienced in the implementation of country programmes of action
  • Liaising with the institutions issuing the standards and codes listed in the Declaration on Democracy, Political, Economic and Corporate Governance (AHG/235(XXXVIII) Annex 2
  • Ensuring full documentation of the APRM processes at country, sub-regional and continental levels to facilitate learning.

Management of the APRM Continental Secretariat

The APRM Secretariat is currently managed by H.E. Ambassador Marie-Antoinette Rose Quatre, Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The continental structure works in collaboration with the National Focal Points and the National Commissions / National Governing Councils.

H.E. Ambassador Marie-Antoinette Rose Quatre

H.E. Ambassador Marie-Antoinette Rose Quatre

Chief Executive Officer