5th African Governance Seminar - African Governance Seminar Series (AGOSS)

  • When
    1 - 2 December 2022
  • Where
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Continental Secretariat annually delivers the African Governance Seminar Series (AGOSS), which is a series of research conferences and workshops. The African Governance Seminar Series (AGOSS) was conceived following the recognition that there is a gap and need to create a platform where academics and practitioners converge to interrogate dominant and orthodox approaches to governance, through an examination of practice, trends, and actors.

The governance seminar series thus provides an interactive platform for dialogue, debate, and construction of afro-genic and afro-centric governance paradigms on the APRM’s four thematic areas; democracy and political governance; economic governance and management; corporate governance and socio-economic development. Papers developed for the seminar and the discourse therein are to also draw profoundly from the APRM country assessments which have been implemented in over 20 African countries. It is envisaged that the papers will offer novel perspectives and introduce innovative approaches from various policy communities and academia.

Essentially, therefore, the seminars primarily seek to interrogate current, mainstream governance ideological and policy frameworks for suitability and feasibility to the political economy of governance and development in African. To ensure that the perspectives and proposals in the papers presented and peer reviewed at the seminar resonate with the political agenda of the African Union, the seminar objectives are underlined by the aspirations outlined in the AU Agenda 2063: the Africa we want.

Further, the seminars are implemented within the stipulations of the APRM mandate and in partnerships with a variety of institutions and stakeholders which facilitate and implement governance and public dialogues in Africa.