The APRM at UNCEPA 23rd session - Leaving No One Behind Strategies and E-Governance are Key Enablers for Democratic Reforms and Civil Service Delivery in Africa


New York| April 20th, 2024 - The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) participated in the annual session of the United Nations Committee of Experts for Public Administration (CEPA) to address Africa’s progress towards SDGs and Agenda 2063 and current developments towards providing innovative solutions for the development goals which have been stagnant i.e. Poverty, hunger, and building institutions. These goals meet Aspirations one, three and four of Agenda 2063- the Africa we want.

The 23rd annual session of CEPA was held from 15-19 April 2023 at the United Nations under the theme of “New governance insights to advance the SDGs and eradicate poverty”. Key experts discussed thematic areas including i) Institutional aspects of the theme of the 2024 session of ECOSOC and the 2024 HLPF; ii) “Building inclusive institutions that leave no one behind at the midpoint of the 2030 Agenda; iii) Institutions, climate action and environment; iv) Digital government; v) Institution-building in fragile and conflict-affected areas; vi) public Sector workforce. the session also held Peer exchange with voluntary national review countries and voluntary local review cities on experiences and promising practices in implementing SDGs 16 and 17 which meet aspirations 3 and 4 of Agenda 2063.

The APRM Representative, Ms. Sara Hamouda, Monitoring, and evaluation Directorate, highlighted current progress toward operationalisation and mainstreaming leaving no- one behind on the african continent from regional and national perspectives. She referred to recent continental research findings that allude to stagnant progress towards poverty in some african countries as well as intensity of poverty in certain countries like Chad, Congo, and Sudan. Further, a reference was made to good practices from some countries i.e Morocco, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa to leverage on digitalisation and free access to information to enhance access to justice at national level. The APRM continental secretariat’s efforts to develop continental toolkits to nurture fiscal and monetary policies as well as social equity framework to enhance gender equality which contribute to levering LNOB in Africa were equally presented.

On the margins of the CEPA session, the APRM facilitated a brief consultation between the distinguished African members of CEPA and H.E Fatima Mohammed, Permanent observer of the African Union to the United Nations. The meeting aimed to brief the AU mission on different programs initiated and implemented by the African experts to implement SDG 16 and aspiration 3 at national levels. H.E Kyari appreciated this interaction and emphasised the necessity of leveraging on these efforts with the AU programs to galvanise civil service refroms in pursuant to  the second ten-year plan of Agenda 2063.

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