APRM'S Revitalisation Mission Propels Seychelles Towards Attaining its Review Process Objectives


Victoria, Seychelles - August 10, 2023: The APRM continental secretariat revitalisation mission to Seychelles, which was launched at the inaugural APRM national structures revitalisation and experience sharing workshop; concluded with a series of high-level engagements between the APRM delegation and the government of the Republic of Seychelles. 

Led by Prof Eddy Maloka, CEO of APRM, the delegation was warmly welcomed by Mr. Jean Francois Ferarri, Designated Minister and Minister of Fisheries and Blue Economy. Discussions centered around the objectives of the APRM national structures revitalisation and experience-sharing workshop, as well as the broader APRM framework. Minister Ferarri shared Seychelles' commendable practices with the APRM and highlighted prevailing economic and environmental challenges faced by island states like Seychelles. He further added that “good governance equates to good economic practices”, and therefore, Seychelles should embrace the opportunities offered by the APRM to further promote good governance and strengthen its economy.

As Seychelles gears up to establish its national structures, Prof Eddy Maloka underscored the role of the parliamentary in enacting the necessary instruments for APRM national structures to function effectively as a monitoring and evaluation mechanism. This message was conveyed during a visit to Hon. Roger Mancienne, Speaker of the National Assembly.

The APRM delegation was finally received by Minister Mr Sylvestre Radegonde, minister of foreign affairs and tourism who confirmed that Seychelles will operationalise its national structures in the upcoming months and therefore join the ranks of APRM active countries. Seychelles hopes to set an example for other African island states to join the APRM and participate more actively in governance processes through this decision. 

Lastly, the APRM delegation met with Minister Mr. Sylvestre Radegonde, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, who confirmed Seychelles' commitment to operationalise its national structures in the upcoming months. This decision, positions Seychelles to join the ranks of active APRM participating states. Through this initiative, Seychelles aspires to serve as an example for other African island states by encouraging their increased participation in governance processes through APRM.

The APRM and the Republic of Seychelles agreed to plan follow-up activities aimed at supporting Seychelles in implementing its structures and establishing a community of practices focused on the blue economy, particularly relevant to island states.